Karlova Ves

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GPS: 48.15024700, 17.05164000
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Interesting facts about Karlova Ves

With around 35 000 inhabitants this city district belongs to one of the biggest ones. It has been a separate village till the 40s, but now has been integrated in the city. It is located in the southern side of Little Carpathians and nowadays hosts a lots of block of flat complexes. It's latitude is way higher, in comparison to the city center, therefore, during the winter, the weather can be totally different here.

Karlova Ves is divided in four smaller quarters called Dlhé diely, Mlynská dolina, Kútiky, and Rovnice. The last two are not well known, but for example in Mlynská dolina there is a big "student city", with lots of international or student-friendly social evening activities. Many blocks of flats are used as dormitories there and it is probably the place with the highest density of students in the whole city.