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GPS: 48.11473100, 17.10931800
Petržalka map

Interesting facts about Petržalka

Petržalka is the largest city part of Bratislava with more than 110 000 inhabitants living there. It lies on the right bank of the Danube River and is connected to other city parts with 5 bridges.

Petržalka is famously known mainly because of the endless blocks of flats, which create the "concrete jungle". Do not expect any skyscrapers; these blocks of flats are rather 8-floor just slightly tall buildings connected one to each other. Thanks to this, Petržalka is the most densely populated residential district in Central Europe.

This city district has some significant places:

  • University of Economics
  • Congress and exposition center Incheba
  • Petržalka railway station, which connects Bratislava mainly with Austria
  • Park Sad Janka Kráľa (Johny King Garden) as one of the oldest municipal parks in Europe
  • Big shopping mall Aupark