Why Bratislava is the best place to visit with your Significant Other?

Bratislava is a brilliant ancient city, where you can not only learn about hundreds of historic places, but visit other romantic streets and buildings. The sightseeing is unique indeed! If you and your lovely significant other wanted to visit exclusive historical establishments, take thousands of photos in front of old-fashioned houses and even go ghost hunting, then Bratislava will probably be the best place for your couple.

If you don’t want to be carried away by capacitive crowds of tourists and participate in organized excursions, then you should walk down the Beblaveho street. This picturesque place is one of the toughest (figuratively and literally) streets of the city. It will be better for both of you to take a pair of comfy shoes. A little more than fifty years ago there was a red light district, but those times are safely forgotten. Beblaveho is a perfect place to walk, surrounded by calm atmosphere. You can take magnificent photos and see the panoramic views of the New Bridge and the Danube.

Do you like walking and romantic chatting? Then you should visit one of the most intimate and definitely, the narrowest street called Bastova. It is situated near the Mikhal Tower, gaining the width of only two meters at its narrowest point! If you spread your hands, then you can definitely touch the walls of the houses, located at the opposite sides of the street. The maximum level of intimacy and romance is guaranteed. The narrowest place will be pretty easy to detect - it is crowned with three ancient arches.

However, this is not the only option of romantic recreation. For those who are accustomed to a more calm and sophisticated atmosphere, you can visit the Kamzíkhill. Besides the couple of historic streets, there is a television tower, where you can find an incredibly romantic café with the observation deck. It will be difficult to find more interesting and romantic place in Bratislava. This place will be interesting to visit for the connoisseurs of Slovak wine. Near the market on one of the historic streets there are many cozy restaurants - it is here where experienced travelers prefer to try out the best local wines.

Bratislava Castle is a snow-white pompous building, situated on the spur of the Lesser Carpathians, an integral part of the panorama of the Slovak capital. You can see the elements of Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque styles. In the very city of today is the Slovak People's Museum. The city is surrounded by a park, and the observation decks open magnificent views of the old Bratislava, the Danube and the New Bridge. Bratislava Castle is the very perfect place for travelers, who want to be enchanted with the marvelous, magnificent atmosphere of the old tow with all of the architectural decisions. You can dive into the ancient times and take lots of photographs, of course.

The Old Town Hall is one of the oldest Bratislava buildings, though it was rebuiltnumerous times. It was originally built in the gothic style, further reconstructed into Renaissance style with Baroque elements, with a late Gothic wing and late Renaissance wing, the building was used as a place for the city council, an archive, a mint and a prison. Nowadays there is the City Museum here. The ticket price to the museum is about 4 euros. It is perfect for the couple on the budget, who want to see the full spectrum of places of interest without going too pricey and expensive about their travel.

Although this ancient city is built in an ancient style, there is still some space for modernity lovers. Bratislava is a cultural mix of different architecture. There is a building with an ear on eat, a blue cathedral and an inverted pyramid building. Exciting, isn’t it? If you want to visit Bratislava with your significant other, but haven’t found one, you should visit j4l.com. Good luck and have fun while visiting this truly unique and utterly beautiful city!