Nové mesto

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GPS: 48.16705400, 17.13594700
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Interesting facts about Nové mesto

With the number of approx. 40 000 inhabitants it is one of the biggest city parts. In the 2001, the first modern shopping center in Slovakia was built here - Polus City Center. Many modern business towers surround the central shopping mall. Also a bigger recreational area nearby is called Kuchajda lake, which is ideal during the winter time for some ice-skating action. However,  in the summer, it is not recommended to swim in it, even though the water should be clean. Basketball and volleyball playgrounds are surrounding the area and a main football stadium lies beside. You you can find a brand new ice hockey hall in this city part, where the Ice hockey World Championship 2011 took place.

There is also cableway which you can use to transport yourself at the top Kamzík. Another symbol of Bratislava is located here - a transmitting, named similarly after the mountain area - Kamzik, where you can climb up to a restaurant and have a chill time with a hot coffeeand a beautiful sunset-nature view.