Where to eat in Bratislava

Bistro St. Germain

St.Germain is very small but well situated restaurant named after place in France or peace treaty of WW I from 1918. This bistro has very nice location (see map) because it is only few block far (approximately 5 min. of walking) from the city center. If your favourite type of transport is automobile you will have little problem to find free parking spot. But if you are willing you can pay for parking which is placed around a corner. Public transportation has the best adjunction trolleys number 205 and 202. Stops are right in front of the bistro.

Interior is very stylish and warm you will feel as at home at very least at best friends house. All the staff is young and friendly with promptly reactions and big smile on their face. They are so kind to explain everything to you in detail. St.Germain does one thing right - they keep everything simple. This applies to their turkey burger with rocket and green cheese to their divine white chocolate cake or homemade potatoes chips. After you can relax over nice cold glass of lemonade varying from elderberry to mint flavours. Prices were reasonable taking into account that you are in the old town and all ingredients were top-notch.       


Location of the restaurant has big advantage - it is situated in the old town next to national theatre and historical part of old town. Its premises are within the shopping mall Eurovea. Commute to this place is most comfortable of all mentioned places in this article. You have free parking in the Eurovea if you stay under 3 hours. Public transport is aslo excellent. Buses 50 and 95 and trolley number 128 have their stop called "Malá scéna" very near. Trams number 4, 11, 12, 13 and 14 stop at nearby station "Šafárikovo nám.".

Atmosphere is typical middleclass joint that trays to not to be too much hip to discourage any potential costumer. The interior is very nicely built and works with well natural lighting. Service is excellent. Dish is very simple. We tried buffalo wings with amazing spaces spices, tortillas, grilled corn and dips. This kind of feed is perfedct for munchies if you are not so hungry or if you want to stay longer period of time and watch game on TV. We also tried delicious spaghetti with bacon, chilli papers, garlic and parmesan and we truly recommend it! Both were classic variations of good food and with all these dishes we recommend to get cold half litter of beer which comes in types varying from dark or light or even non-alcoholic. Prices for dishes and drinks were as expected. For one full meal you would pay around 10€ - 15€.

Gatto Matto

Gatto Matto restaurant is located next to British embassy in old town sharing one yard with British council anguage school. This is an excellent place where you could get authentic Italian food for reasonable price. You can't get there by car and if you chose to go by car you are in for a bit long walk. Thanks to its location right in the historical part of town, tourist do not have to travel to get here. You can just make a detour from your route in city. For public transport it is best to get to the bridge of SNP and walk from there by foot (5 min. walk). Atmosphere is fantastic. Either you sit on winter terrace or you choose to sit in dark, but romantic, interior, you won't be disappointed.

Service is one of the best we have ever experienced (even better than in Tokyo or London!). Waiters know exactly what they are doing. They help you to understand dishes and ingredients. They recommend you their weekly specialities and of course they help you to pick a perfect wine that will match your food. It does not matter what dish you will choose - from tasty risotto with brown champion mushrooms in cream sauce topped with grated parmesan cheese or homemade pastas, pizzas or even salads. Your taste buds will scream in sensation. Their menu is fresh and lesser in quantity, but do not take back any quality. Every ingredient is fresh and prepared in extremely simple way. Their collection of wines is rich on types and possibilities. Ask the staff and they will help you with your choice. And if you have vice for sweets do not leave without trying tiramisu.

For authentic and quality dish you pay cheap-to-moderate price. Great meal will cost you around 10€ - 15€, but you would get and experience as you would spend hours of travelling south to Italy. 

Street 54

Summer is one of the busiest times in year of gastro community and yet we have been fortunate enough to find restaurants that overwhelmed us in their work; or should I say culinary art? 

We accepted invitation to the restaurant Street 54 in heart of Bratislava at Obchodná street. Ironically, 54 in its name means street number so it helps you to looked it on one of the busiest streets in Bratislava's old town. This restaurant has one of the best positions out of all restaurants that we have visited so far. You can get here by any means possible. Best option is still to take one of the trams number 8, 6, 5 or 2. If you are in the old town, you can be there in 15 minutes absolutely from every part of the old town. Street 54 is located on the left side of the Obchodná street on the same side as McDonalds but god help you if you pass opportunity to eat good burger in order to eat in McDonalds...

Atmosphere in the restaurant is pleasant. Nice new interior really help to set the mood at the just right level. Nice palate of colours was chosen that is eye-taking and still does not distract you too much for you to forget where have you come and for what. Interior is finished with amazing old photos on the wall from Bratislava. Service is done by very unconventional method for restaurants - your order is placed at the counter. After that you will receive receipt with your number. When your number is called you can get your meal.

Chefs of the restaurant really put thought in their meals and menus. First thing we tried was menu that contained delicious minestrone soup, your choosing of second food from 4 alternatives from which one is always vegetarian meal. To your menu you get free beverage of your choice. Main course was pork on cherry basis with grandiose potato side dish. The whole meal was satisfying to the fullest. Rear creativity in the menus really pays off in this instance.

But main dish in this restaurant are burgers. And what burgers they have! You can order solo burger or burger menu. In the menu you have burger, salad, french-fries and beverage. They serve around 10 burgers which varies from classic cheese burger to paris street burger or to epic big streeter with magnificent 4 beef patties. Street 54 uses 80% of all ingredients from local farmers for their meals. They change their menus according to the seasons so your vegetables will be always fresh and represent current season.

Prices in the Street 54 is moderate and for the city center are fair. Whole experience was pleasant and street 54 showed us that new restaurant can be excellent, too. We recommend you to visit.

Bonus: All major sport events are broadcasted on flat screens inside, with beer you can even see your favourite sports team in action!