What to do in Bratislava in 1 day?

Are you visiting the Slovak capital for one day? Fair enough, here is the schedule to visit all the must-see spots during one day in Bratislava. There is always something going on, no matter which day you are in Bratislava. Just visit our Facebook page to be informed or stop by the tourist office in the city center.

Plan for a single traveler


If you prefer discovering Bratislava alone start at the Michael's gate which is with its 51 meters the main entrance to the Old town. This is the only preserved gate from the medieval times. Standing under the gate notice the "golden circle", known as kilometer zero, which illustrates the distances from Bratislava to 29 other capital cities.

Continue walking from the Michael's gate and you will get to the Old town that is quite similar to Prague or Budapest city centers. Despite the city center is small, the atmosphere is still magical! Can you find all the unique statues placed on several squares and streets? If not, try to look at least for the symbol of the city: Statue "Cumil" (in English it is called "Watcher" or "Man at work"). We give you a small hint- you will find it on the Panska Street.


Too long looking for that statue? Have a coffee while walking down the Panska Street where you bump into many charming coffee houses. Stop over and enjoy it with the locals who also have a break whilst their working day or they are just enjoying some free time during the weekend. By the way don't worry, most of the waitress can speak English.


After the coffee refreshment, go for a walk to visit the symbol of Bratislava - the UFO statue. To get there you just cross the bridge "Novy most" and on the other side of the river there is the UFO tower with an observation desk. Using the lift will cost you 6.50€. How do you like the beautiful view?


You have already missed the lunchtime in Bratislava! But don't worry it is still a good time to try the traditional Slovak cuisine. Coming back to the city center you can see many restaurants alluring you to have lunch there. Yes you can, but if you want eat a delicious Slovak food in a traditional Slovak atmosphere, even more with very friendly prices, we would recommend you to visit the Slovak Pub.


There are still some beauties of Bratislava you haven't seen yet and now is the time to explore them! With your full belly of halusky (Slovak typical food) you need some activity, don't you? Walk to the St. Martin's Cathedral, which is the dominant church of Bratislava. The brightest times of this cathedral were between 1563 and 1830 when St Martin's served as the coronation church for 11 Hungarian kings and 8 royal wives. Nowadays, you can see the remains of the coronation privilege on the 85-meter-high tower, which holds a golden pillow (2x2 m) carrying a copy of the Hungarian royal crown.


Enjoy glass of locally-produced wine or beer in one of the city's atmospheric bars and wine cellars.  You may be inclined to have another as you take an evening stroll along the cafe-lined "Korzo" promenade centred on Hviezdoslavovo Square.


Bratislava Castle is the place to finish your day in Bratislava. Don't take a bus if you don't have to. Walk there, starting at the stairs located under the bridge next to the St. Michael's cathedral. It is a short 15-minute walk. Come here just before sunset, sit on the castle's courtyard and enjoy the stunning panorama view of the whole city. Take your time and have a look at all the parts of the Bratislava: the Old town, modern part, and the bridge with UFO tower. Can you see the Austrian wind mills behind all those blocks of flats in front of you?


Still not enough of the Bratislava atmosphere? Take a nice walk next to the river Danube. The promenade is just beautiful even during the night.


Are you staying in Bratislava overnight? Visit one of the clubs in the Old town, or just sit on the bench, watch the city, people and atmosphere over a glass of wine or beer.

Believe it or not, but this city never sleeps and even though you travel alone all places are full with not only locals but as well with visitors like you. If you decided to go party, do not hesitate reading more about Bratislava Nightlife.

Lastly, if you need to get back to the hostel and you are too tired to walk again, you can use the public transport. It runs all night but do not forget to buy a ticket before you get in.

Are you staying in Bratislava for more than one day? We have prepared an itinerary for 2nd day in Bratislava as well!