Eating and drinking

Then and now

For many years Bratislava got reputation of city with bad gastronomical environment. This was caused by communist era which has ended in 1989. With free market one would think good restaurants were bound to spur out like mushrooms after rain. Well the opposite was the reality. Every business man with little spare cash has decided to enter Bratislava's gastro scenery. This restaurant were (and unfortunately still are) recognisable by some indefinable style and cuisine which varies only in the in the name of the dish. Secondly this restaurants has been created by "master chefs" with unbelievable principle "more is better". This principle transcended to menu in form of uncountable dishes which eye  or ear has never heard of. On contrary the above mentioned principle has eluded the quantity of all dishes.

Nevertheless on few last years Bratislava has seen reborn on gastronomical scene and may I say to the better. New restaurants has stopped to cheat their customers on prices and ingredients and us consumers understood the fact that we have to pay for the meal reasonable price.  

Traditional Slovakian food

If you want to try something truly Slovakian, ask for "Bryndzove halusky" (sheep cheese dumplings), but not many foreigners like the special taste of cheese. Try also "Horalky" (traditional Slovakian sweet wafer), or "Kofola" (traditional Czechoslovakian sweet drink, something as Coca Cola).