What to do in Bratislava in 2 days?

After seeing all the "must sees" of Bratislava yesterday, another 24 hours in Bratislava will give you enough time to observe another treasures of the Slovak capital.


Start your day at the Devin castle. To avoid all those people and to enjoy its atmosphere, we recommend you to be there earlier in the morning. First entrance is at 10:00.

To get there, you need to take a bus at the bridge: "Most SNP" (the UFO bridge) number 28 or 29 and get off at the bus stop: "Devin" (last stop of bus number 29).

After stepping out of the bus you see the cliff (212 meters high) where Devin castle is situated with its characteristic tiny watchtower, known as the Maiden Tower.


The area of the castle is getting crowded since many people are entering so now it is the right time to leave and have lunch in the city. Take bus number 28 or 29 to the bus stop called "Most SNP".

To have a lunch find some spot in the Old town which might be quite easy hence it is filled with nice restaurants offering the typical Slovak cuisine. Enter the Old town through the "Hviezdoslavovo" square. Before indulging yourself into another portion of "halusky", notice the beautiful old building, at the end of this square - this is the National Slovak Theatre. Look around at the restaurants which line the square and have lunch in one of them!

Note, that these restaurants are not the cheapest ones, if you look for something cheaper, try to enter some side streets or visit: the Slovak pub, Zlaty bazant restaurant or Bratislava flag ship restaurant


Next to the St. Martin's Cathedral, there is the entrance to the castle walls. Enjoy walking here, have a cup of coffee or glass of wine and try a historical costume including sword and shield.

Continue your tour from the walls to the Jewish part that is located just across the main road. This area is filled with beautiful tiny houses, Jewish museum and small bars. During the summer evenings, these streets are filled with many people, so if you want to be part of a great atmosphere come back here at night!


From the Presidential palace go to see the Slavin monument where you can observe the magnificent view of the city and its surroundings. How to get there? Return back to the front of the Presidential palace and start walking down the street passing by the palace from the left side until you arrive to a crossroad, cross the road and behind the buss stop start walking up the "Puskinova" street, which will lead you up to the hill to the "Mišíkova" street. If you continue to the left by this street you will get directly to the stairs, which lead to the monument. After 15-20 minutes you will arrive to the Slavin monument that is the military cemetery of 6845 Soviets soldiers who died in 1945 during the liberation of Bratislava. It is worth of going that much up hill, isn't it?


Get back to the city, refresh yourself at your hotel and get back to the city center to discover its nightlife and atmosphere. Without any doubts Bratislava is a place with a cosmopolitan spirit, just sit down at some nice spot, breath its smell, see its people, listen to its sounds. Indeed, you will find a perfect place to enjoy all that Bratislava can offer you.